Qualification and Professional Activities:

Studies of Roman Philology (Spanish/Italian) and Comparative Literature at the Universität des Saarlandes – Germany, at the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua – Mexico and at the Universitá di Bari – Italy; University degree earned: Magistra Artium (Master)

Further training: Instructor for German as a Foreign or Second Language, license to teach the courses of integration (Integrationskurse) at the Sprachhaus/Cologne.

Professional activity as a language instructor for Spanish, Italian, English and German as a Foreign Language for more the 20 years working for different institutions, companies and also with my own clients worldwide.

Yoga Teacher (Hatha) trained according to the guidelines of the Yoga Alliance and Certified BodyAwakeYoga Teacher ( training with Dr. Sue Morter at Morter Institut for Bioenergetics, Indiana, U.S.A.)

Aclla: training and initiation through the Comunidad Espiritual Andina Amazónica (CEANA/Peru), my focus: Ofrendas (healing ceremonies for the earth and the elements), Flower Remedies from the Andes and the Amazonia: trained by Mariana Aravales (Argentina) creator of the healing system Curanderita – Esencias Ancestrales)

Rose Healer trained according to the Rose Healing System by Felipe Maza and according to the guidelines of AMESARO (Association of Mexican Rose Healers Mexiko-City)

Training as a healing practitioner with the focus area homeopathy

Art Work: Trees of Life, Trees-of-Calling, Shamanic Visionary Art

Individual sessions and workshops: My Tree of Life – an energetic Portrait, My Tree-of-Calling- Finding and Expressing my Purpose in a new Frequency in Germany and South America (Peru, Argentina) for 6 years and healing ceremonies in Germany and South America for 7 years

I am a mediator, a builder of bridges between the archaic and the modern world, between cultures and also between languages. I am cosmic being grounded on planet earth constantly aiming at preserving or restoring equilibrium using therefor different techniques.

As a language instructor I see languages as something much more profound than only words and grammar structure. A language reflects a worldview and is the expression of identity. To learn a language means to get thrown into the sea of a foreign universe and so many times successful teaching or learning is linked to the instruments an instructor is able to hand over to the student to make him swim safely in this wavey ocean and to make him or her feel at ease in the different phases of this journey to express themselves in a completely new way.

The importance of the aspect of identity – one of my favorite topics – becomes also reflected in the Trees of Life and Trees-Of-Calling. They knocked at my door many years ago in dreams and through these dreams I was informed that these trees were tools for ascension. They help us to shift our frequency, and allow for getting in touch with our true or core self and the purpose of our life. They actually support us in becoming a new type of human being, which many ancient cultures foreshadowed or even predicted.

Dreaming is a shamanic discipline, which I am very familiar with. Yoga and the ancient healing ceremonies of the Q´ero – an ancient culture of the Andes – have additionally enhanced my way of intuitive comprehension and healing. Also, they helped me to become, what I really am, and have always been. Yogic science, the ceremonies and healing modalities of the Q´ero support us in recognizing the energetic universe and thus enable us, to refine and cleanse energies, to restore balance to us and to our environment and to bring about change. I feel that the instruments offered by both ways are of inestimable value for us and our today’s world.

In everything I am doing my shamanic energy starts to kick in or interact sooner or later, especially when I work with people, no matter if I am teaching or having an explicit counseling session. My academic training provides the base of solid knowledge whereas my shamanic active core enables me to take my teachings to the next level.