Trust your talents in changing times!

Discover, that a dramatically changing world is not a dead-end street but can rather be a well full of new possibilities for you: old ways are coming to an end and at the same time new forms are arising:

  • Aren’t you doing (yet), what you are feeling called to do?
  • Do you feel that you would like to bring in a creative impulse not knowing what this exactly could look like?
  • Are you following your heart’s mission?
  • Do you feel that you are not in the right place (any longer)? And are you wondering, where you’re your right place (in the newly arising structure) could be?

Trees-of-Calling merge doing with being. They work the way compass needles do, indicating us the direction to our true assignment or what we identify to be our original mission.

Trees-of-Calling-session: 3-4 hours/ 130 € (also available as Skype or Zoom sessions)

In a Tree-of-Calling-session we will sketch your Tree-of-Calling and work with it. If you wish, you can then go on developing the sketch in further sessions.

If you would like to have your Tree-of-Calling painted in oil, you can also order a painting and – by the way – this is a beautiful gift for a special person or a special moment!