Cosmic Trees

Cosmic Trees once were considered to be the center of the universe, out of which entire cultures evolved. In ancient times they were of great significance. Now we are able to receive again visions of big cosmic trees. Are they paving their way back to reality? – Let’s set out for discovery!

In my seminars we will get in touch with different cosmic trees (one cosmic tree at a time). Together as a group we will receive messages by connecting with the frequency of the tree. Each one of us will paint the message received on a huge canvas subsequently, where everyone of us will leave his or her message, thus birthing a new tree – a new structure – in which all the information, that will come through will be embedded. At the same time this information will be a fundamental part of the structure itself. (Cosmic Trees to get in touch with: Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree of the Maya, the Ashvatta Tree/India)

Workshop: 165 €/ person (1 day/ 8 hours)

These workshops are in collaboration with healers and mystics deeply connected to different Cosmic Trees (such as for example: Mireya Solís and Maha Dev/Mexico)