Language learning

Speak a new Language and the World will be a new World


# joyful learning in my own rhythm # solving of blockades #intuitive learning

What about learning a language in your very own rhythm? If you would like to learn Spanish, German or English you can do this with me in your very own rhythm and at your very own pace. In our lessons you will experience language vividly and you will be amazed about how quickly your skills will evolve.

Learning a language, it happens frequently that students experience blocks or have the feeling to remain stuck in a specific phase of learning. Mostly students think that this is something which must be accepted, can’t be changed and has to be attributed to them not being talented or the fact that they never really liked language learning. I have always felt that it is of utmost importance to address these issues as soon as they show up thus the student regains the confidence and gets back into his or her flow quickly. By applying the appropriate methods these obstacles will be overcome very quickly and even with joy.

Furthermore, according to my experience many people engage much more in the process of learning a language, when they can feel, touch, move, experience directly: when learning is related to a practical activity! So, what about cooking, painting or doing something together in the language you would like to learn or improve? Just experience how much fun and how effective this way of learning can be.

Individual lesson1 lesson = 45 Min.45 € (minimum)
Group lesson (small size 2-5 persons)1 lesson = 45 Min.25 € (minimum)
Activity lesson (individual lessons or group)Price depends on the size of the group, the number of lessons and the kind of activity you wish to engage inPlease get in touch with me and I will customize the lessons and I’ll let you know about the price for this specific offer