Trees of life

Trees are portals. They perceive what is going on in the stellar space, they sense the cosmic rhythm and at the same time they are deeply anchored in the soil connected to the heart of mother earth – and so are we too.

Trees of life are ancient symbols and energetic portraits of ourselves. Through them we can track our location in the cosmos and visualize our energy flow therefor being able to see, where it is stagnant and how and where to it tends to expand. In a Tree-of-Life-session we get in touch with our tree through a guided meditation, then we draw or paint, what we’ve seen and experienced, working with symbols as well, which help us to dissolve blocks and to create new perspectives. Trees of life are powerful tools of manifestation, healing and growth when we know how to work with them.

In a more extended workshop we will additionally work with the drum and make use of this enormous power tree portals in nature have.

Individual sessionduration: 3 – 4 hours220 € (also available online via Zoom)
Workshop 1duration: 1 day (8 hours)160 € p. person
Workshop 2duration: 2 days (16 hours)300 € canvases and paint are included in both workshops
Oil painting My Tree of Lifedifferent formatsranging from 330 € – 690 €

330 € = 40 x 60 cm
440 € = 60 x 80 cm
720 € = 80 x 100 cm

Trees of Life and Trees- of -Calling are also beautiful gifts for special occasions! If you wish you can also order a Voucher for a Tree painting.