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Ancient cultures knew about the existence of cosmic rhythms. The cycles of coming into being, blossoming and perishing of all life, the rhythms of the planet with its day and night rhythm and its seasons was perceived as embedded in big cosmic cycles, gigantic periods of time following and repeating each other endlessly, which were called „Yugas“ in the ancient India.

The lifes of all creatures are enclosed in these cycles and at the same time defined by the different types of consciousness which characterize each cycle since it establishes a kind of vibratory framework difficult to move beyond in the evolutionary striving.

Transitioning from one cycle to the next is an all encompassing change, during which old structures either transform or fall away and new structures are being birthed. We are in such a moment of chaotic transition right now, where orientation can almost exclusively be found by following our own inner compass, since the reference points of the outside world, we have had for so long, are vanishing.

So I welcome you, to follow your own inner compass needle: let yourself be inspired by my paintings and discover your own inner images. Get in touch with the energetic portrait, which is your Tree-Of-Life. Find orientation in turbulent times contacting with your Tree-Of-Calling to find out about your mission in a world vibrating in a new frequency, or experience the joy of learning a new language at your very own rhythm. Feel the loving power of the earth and the elements in ancient ceremonies and the centering and beneficial effect of Yoga. Anchor harmoniously your very own rhythm to the cosmic one, start to flow in it and let your light shine bright !

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“The gentle stomping of the feet, the voices whispering like the wind – everything seems to be a little hypnotic. It is striking, that all dancers follow the beat of the drum, only the two-horns keep maintaining a steady rhythm, which is not in accordance with the rhythm of the other dancers. As they own the wisdom of the former worlds and their experience is not limited to the present world they are in touch with the beat of an inaudible cosmic pulsation which is independent of space and time.”

Frank Waters, The Hopi’s Book