Yoga and Aclla

Yoga and Aclla: Balance within and the dialogue with the Elements and the Cosmos

As a yoga teacher and as a Aclla (woman, who is connected to the Cosmovision of the Andes practicing ceremonies and healing modalities related to it) I help to get stagnant energies into a flow, to harmonize, to stabilize and to bring back into balance. I feel especially connected to the water element.

Was ist BodyAwakeYoga?

In February 2024 and after 16 months of studies I finally graduated from Morter Institute for Bioenergetics as a certified BodyAwakeYoga Teacher. I decided to step into another Yoga teacher training due to an experience I had after only one Yoga class with Dr. Sue Morter. It was something, which I had looked for in my whole time as a Yogini so far (which was over 30 years) and was so profound with regard to the energy flow, that I felt, that I wanted to know more about it. And the more I learned and experienced about it the more I was amazed about the healing effect this type of Yoga has and I felt that I wanted to to share this experience with other people.

BodyAwakeYoga is a unique method created by Dr. Sue Morter, who blended ancient yogic science with the techniques of modern bioenergetic medicine. This method helps us to stop living in our minds and the stories which it constantly creates and helps us to connect to our core, where our true and authentic version resides. As a byproduct of this connection healing occurs as we learn how to activate energetic circuits, which have been dormant so far or had been deactivated in a certain moment of our life.

Life isn`t supposed to be difficult or hard!

There is a cuantic type of unfoldment happening all the time in you and through you. The question is: Do you activate the neuro-circuits , which allow you to experience this to be happening in your favour?

In BodyAwakeYoga we bring our body into sacred geometries and work with a 12 Chakra System using breath, sound and also principles of the bioenergetic medicine to build neuro-circuits which allow us to connect with a more magnificent version of us. 

I welcome you to do this big step onto the mat, because – as Dr. Sue Morter so concisely says :

If it doesn`t happen in your body it doesn`t happen in your life! “           –

Courses or Individual lessons on demand

Group lesson (90 minutes)
20 € per participant (min. 5 participants)
Individual lesson (90 minutes)
95 €
Yoga with the Elements (5 sessions á 90 minutes)Depending on the number of participants

American Medcine:

  • Rosehealing from Mexico

Rosehealing is a healing modality, which allows us to balance our emotional, mental and fisical aspects. Therefor we use the sacred geometrie of the rose and it´s high energetic vibration, which is similar to the one of the human being and by using this frecuency, we can access memories, experiences and incidents, which cause blocks, diseases and imbalances on the mental and emotional plane.

The energy of the rose allows for opening a process of deep personal inventory, which on the one hand allows us to find answers in order to free ourselves from fear, guilt, shame or anger and on the other hand enables us to recognize us and to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level and helps us to enliven the divine, which resides in every single human being. The mexican Luis Felipe de la Fuente channeled and organized this healing method, which works with the different colours of the roses, whereby each colour relates to a different frecuency and to a different theme.

  • Ofrendas/ Thanking the Earth and the Cosmic Parents (Elements): According to an ancient Andean law you must give first before you receive. By thanking we establish a spiritual bond with mother nature and she responds! We can execute these ceremonies in a group, in a family and also as individuals. By celebrating them you thank nature and you can ask for better health, protection and abundance. You can also endow your projects with power, transform negative energy, ask for a good start of a new cycle, you can cleanse rooms or entire houses and you can celebrate them to be able to live a life in harmony and love in this world.
  • Mexican Cacao Ceremonies (also available as Zoom sessions in collaboration with Mireya Solís/Mexico) This ceremony helps us to bring us back into balance supporting us in letting go of the old and recharging us with positive vital energy again. Here we combine the traditional Mexican Cacao Ceremony with a Rose-Healing session, a Mexican healing modality practiced by Mireya, member of the Mexican Rose Healing Association, for many years. Especially in these turbulent times this ceremony can be of inestimable value for processing what is moving you and dropping, what no longer serves you, besides enjoying the ritual cacao balancing hearts and minds, thoughts and feelings, opening the heart chakra and interconnecting our hearts as well. The cacao medicine is considered by the elders as the medicine of our time.
  • Growth and Healing with Ancient Flower Remedies from the Andes and the Amazon in collaboration with the plant healer Mariana Aravales (Argentina/Peru), the designer of the healing system Curanderita – Ancient Flower Remedies) The powerful healing system Curanderita – Esencias Florales Ancestrales is based on the wisdom of the ancient plant healing science of the Amazon and integrates the cosmovision of the Andes as well. It consists of energetic remedies – comparable to the Bach-Flower-Remedies – extracted from special flowers of the Andes and the Amazonia – among them master plants (plantas maestras) of very high vibration – and also sacred waters, whose vibration connects us with our very essence, with our origin and with the essence of life itself and our relationships. Their purpose is to bring spiritual healing and self-knowledge. They have an effect upon the unknown in us, which still lies in the darkness, and upon our ancestry. These flowers are conduits for the energies of the cosmos and thus they encourage the blossoming of our hearts and they stimulate us to expand the gift, which every single being received as a mission here upon earth. They support us in our healing on a multidimensional level, with our ancestors, on a transpersonal and on a collective level. They are important remedies in our time and in this phase of human evolution as they address the shift of frequency in a multifaceted way.
Healing CeremoniesDurationprice
Mexican Cacao Ceremony with Rose Healing3 hours (as a group session)Depending on the size of the group
Ofrenda – Thanking the earth with ancient ceremonies3 hours (as a group session)Depending on the size of the group
Counseling sessions with Andean Flower Remedies60 minutes65 €

The counseling and healing sessions are available in German, Spanish and English