Tommy und Heike BalkonWorkshop: My tree of life – experience an ancient symbol

I have been painting now trees of life for several years for single persons,  for couples or entire families as well.  During all those years it became obvious, that creating a tree of life and dealing with this very old symbol had a beneficial and even  healing effect on my clients, as they told me over and over again.

I could experience during the process of painting how this ancient and powerfull symbol is able to create synthesis, to open up (new) spaces, to show up (new) ways and also how it helps to transcend experiences made throughout our lifes all this finally enabeling us to get to a broader comprehension of our evolution as a person and of our life.

The tree of life-workshop is based on the experience stated above and was designed to provide the opportunity to every single person to create his or her  own tree of life and to experience and undergo this intensive and nurishing process of creation by themselves.

What are trees of life?

Trees of life are an allegory for human life in almost all cultures in all over the world. Many cultures see our lifes as human beings closly related to trees, some of them even mentioning in legends or myths of origin certain types of trees as our ancestors, i.e. beings we descend from, therefore considering them sacred. And actually we have so much in common!

As trees we have roots, which anchore us in the earth and nurish us, as trees we have a trunk, an attitude, how we project ourselfes into life and a crown, which reflects our development,  growth and our ideals. As trees we find ourselfes in a continious process, in a coming into being and a perishing, new leaves sprout and old ones fall off, we absorb light and cast shadows. As trees we are embedded into bigger  rhythms and sense them, as the rythm of day and night, the rythm of  the seasons, and finally we are part of superior cosmic rhythms.

What exactly will we do in this workshop?

We will occupy ourselfes with single tree types and symbols and their meaning for us. Using guided imagination we  will discover our tree of life and sense our roots, our trunk and our crown and the way and the rhythm of our growth. We will then make a sketch of our tree and finally experience how we are embedded into the cosmos, feeling our personal tree of life related to a bigger cosmic tree.

Preocupying us with our tree of life enables us :

  • to comprehend our crisis and growth
  • to disolve blockades
  • to open up new perspectives
  • to understand our individual situation in the universe
  • thus attaining or restoring the feeling of basic trust or primordial faith into life

From September on the  Tree Of Life Seminars will take place with Tommy Reichel! (You can see Tommy and me  on the Foto above)

Tommy is a great  Clairvoyant of the ancient Schools (I really don’t know, how to describe his abilities and gifts otherwise) I have very rarely met a Person, who is so directly and  intimately in touch with the spiritual realms and whose energetic work is of such an high intensity. According to Tommy his Task here is to guide people to their inner light. He has been doing this now for many years helping all those, who were and are in Need.

Tommy and I met at a trade-fair, where I had exhibited some of my paintings among them various trees of life. Tommy spontaneously tapped into the energie of some of them and the soul-Portrait of the Person,  he was able to make were amazing. I was really impressed!

After having painted his tree of life together, which was  an adventure in itself, as Tommys connection regarding the spiritual realms are so extraordinary, we decided to work together:

Tommy will acompany the process of creating and painting of the trees of life  thus giving the participants the  oportunity to  learn more about their soul purpose,, their cosmic bonds and identity, to dissolve energetic blocs and to find into a joyfull dinamic regarding their lifes and work.

The next workshops will be anounced here.

Price per person:

As the number of participants unfortunately is limited, I would kindly like to ask You to get in touch with me if You are interested in participating (hlaborenz@web.de or Tel: 02223 – 292 8907).