Language learning

Learn A Foreign Language Experiencing Your Own Learning Rhythms

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I have been teaching languages now for over 15 years at different schools, at university and as a freelancer and I am familiarized with many different approaches to language learning and of course with piles of didactic material. Although the didactic material as well as the teaching methods have grown more and more abundant throughout the last years, my experience is, that many people refrain from learning languages feeling, that there still does not exist an appropriate approach for them or considering themselves to be untalented for language learning (being this negative attitude mostly the result of a frustrating learning experience or a labelling received during school time).
It is my strong believe and my experience as a language instructor that everybody is able to learn a foreign language. There is no such thing as an incapable language learner. Everyone can learn a foreign language as long as the person is allowed to experience and follow his or her own learning rhythms and go at his or her very individual pace.

Understanding is a voyage into a foreign country

When You learn a foreign language you start travelling into a different universe. During my lessons you will become aware of the fact that speaking a foreign language can mean feeling and being different: you feel different as you speak differently and you speak differently as you feel different.
In addition to the language skills I will also provide you with interesting facts and details of the cultural background thus increasing your motivation and appreciation for the country and people whose language you are learning.

How do we proceed?

Before we start our lessons we will first analyze your situation as a learner and your learning history. We will find out what you would like to achieve, define the goal you feel comfortable with and find the learning material and the approach which suit you best.
During my lessons you will discover that you have your very own working and learning rhythms and that following these rhythms makes you a successful and happy student.
You will experience a vivid and very dynamic language lesson having fun and learning a lot.
I care very much about your progress and you will receive a detailed feedback regularly.

But also those of you who are experienced language learners and who want or have to take language exams can effectively prepared by me for any of the official tests (such as e.g. D.E.L.E., TestDaF, DHS etc.) with the frequency and intensity of lessons you wish and need. As an experienced university teacher and language instructor for language schools I’m familiarized with the tests and the skills therefore required.

Currently I’m offering one-on-one language lessons in Spanish, English, Italian and German and lessons in small groups (3 persons max.) also via Skype, which has proven to be a fantastic medium for language learning and since starting Skype lessons they have become incredibly popular. So: no matter in which city or country You live, we now can have our language lesson in Your living room there,  at Your office there or wherever You prefer to have them!