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Many ancient cultures such as the Maya or the old Indian Indus culture with its complex philosophic systems were aware of the existence of cosmic rhythms. The cycles of coming into being, growth and decay of all living things, the rhythm of the planet we live upon, with its seasons and other pertinent natural phenomena, were considered to be part of big cosmic cycles, gigantic periods of time which succeeded one after another eternally.


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By conceiving the individual’s life cycle embedded in superior structures ancient man was prevented to perceive time and historicity as a burden and was therefore able to feel one and in harmony with the world and the universe and not isolated and mercilessly exposed to history – a very sad and oppressive condition far too often experienced and suffered by man of modernity.

Getting in touch with one’s own rhythms, the rhythms of the planet and the ones of the universe and feeling their beneficial influence is a wonderful and healing experience, which some cultures even consider to be sacred. The sensation of being part of these rhythms can generate in us a feeling of confidence in ourselves and lead us to an universal trust in life.

For me as a painter and as a language instructor rhythms are highly significant. Though painting focuses on vision, I feel, that it is somehow through a certain rhythm that images get to me and it is also in a certain rhythm that the process of painting evolves. I try to project the images sent out by – what I perceive – as a cosmic pulsation onto canvas or wood, mostly in oil or acryl, using further materials such as tree bark, sand, shells or stones as well.

But rhythms define not only my work as a painter, also as a language instructor it is crucial for me to take into consideration the very own learning rhythms each student has and work with the student according to this rhythms. My experience is that this is the most motivating and successful way languages can be taught and learned.

So come, get in touch and listen to the rhythms out there and – of course – to your very own ones.

Enjoy discovering!

The gentle stomping of the feet, the voices whispering like the wind – everything seems to be a little hypnotic. It is striking, that all dancers follow the beat of the drum, only the two-horns keep maintaining a steady rhythm, which is not in accordance with the rhythm of the other dancers. As they own the wisdom of the former worlds and their experience is not limited to the present world they are in touch with the beat of an inaudible cosmic pulsation which is independent of space and time.
Frank Waters, The Hopi’s Book