About me

I received my M.A. in Romance Studies and Comparative Literature in 1997 at the University of the Saarland/Germany after having studied in Germany, Mexico and Italy.

Since then – and with some excursions into other working areas – I have been working as a translator, interpreter and as a language instructor for German as a Foreign Language, Spanish, Italian and English.

For me in the beginning was the image.
I have always painted, but it was only in 2008 that I finally decided to exhibit for the first time at Berlin in the Gelbe Haus (The yellow house), which I found – as a beautiful seminar centre for homoeopathy and healing arts –  the appropriate place for a show.

Furthermore I’m preoccupied since 2005 with the topic: cultural healing through literature and cultural criticism – writers and critics as shamans, which was originally planed to be my doctorial theses, but – as so many things in life – this topic seems to have chosen a different way to unfold.